Fundraising Ideas

Children-Our Most Precious Resource

Children are precious gems that should shine in any setting. Sadly, too many struggle daily against catastrophic illness, abuse and neglect. That's where your business can help. Adopting a simple JFC fundraising program can make a big difference in small lives.

You will find that helping children is a gratifying experience your employees and customers can get behind with a smile. And JFC is prepared to support your efforts.

It's easy, just:

  • Brainstorm fundraising ideas in-house with key employees.
  • Set a timeline for the event and a monetary goal.
  • Consider offering incentive prizes to staff who meet predetermined sales goals.
  • Promote the fundraiser to staff and customers with handouts, posters, bag stuffers, paycheck stuffers, etc.-and keep the excitement ramped up with regular updates on how the promotion is going.
  • Use email or direct mail to invite loyal customers to participate.
  • Tell the media in a press release. The fundraiser benefits from the free exposure, as does your store!
  • Let JFC know what you're doing, and remit proceeds on a timely basis. We may have ideas for making the promotion even bigger and better.
  • When the promotion ends, discuss in house its strengths and weaknesses. Then decide how to improve it for next year. Support for children should be an ongoing endeavor!

Need ideas? Check out programs available through JFC.

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