Employee Incentive Ideas

The following is a selection of ways to recognize and reward your employees for their support of your JFC fundraising program and/or the “Heroes for Hope” employee giving program. Incentives may be offered for participation as well as for meeting a certain fundraising donation threshold. Rewarding your employees’ efforts is a great way to keep the JFC program top-of-mind for employees and can significantly increase your store’s donation to help children in need.

  • Merchandise Discount – offer employees who raise a specified threshold of fundraising dollars an incremental discount off a one-time purchase in your store.
  • Merchandise Gifts – present a special piece of merchandise to the employee who raises the most money for the JFC.
  • JFC Incentive Prizes – order selected JFC branded merchandise such as rubber bracelets, mugs, pens, or flashing hearts for employees who participate in your fundraising program.
  • Gift Certificates – present the employee who raises the most money for the JFC program with a complimentary gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or store. Other gift certificates such as movie or event tickets could be purchased for all employees who meet a certain fundraising threshold.
  • In-store Recognition – recognize employees who raise the most money with a special recognition plaque in your store. Specially-designed lapel pins or charms that employees could wear would also recognize their efforts for the JFC in your store and in front of customers.
  • Comp Days – offer special “comp” or vacation days to employees who meet a certain fundraising threshold.
  • Check presentation – invite the employee who raises the most money for the JFC program to serve as the store’s representative for a check presentation to a JFC representative.
  • Special events – host a party or reception just for your employees who participate in the JFC fundraising program. Contact the JFC to inquire about the feasibility of having a charity representative and/or family attend as a special guest.
  • Ticket to “Facets of Hope” Gala – use your store’s earned or purchased “Facets of Hope” tickets to present to an employee or employees who meet a significant fundraising threshold.
  • “Facets of Hope” Program Book Ad – honor your employees among your industry by purchasing a recognition ad in the Facets of Hope program book that features the names of your employees who participated in your fundraising program.
  • Local Recognition Ad – purchase an ad in your local newspaper to recognize your employees who participate in the program. Honor the employee who raised the most money with a special highlight. This recognition tactic will also garner positive recognition for your store.

Make a Donation and a Difference
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Monthly donations.*
Final Fee Includes 3% Processing Fee. Amounts shown are the 1/12 annualized figured for the Hero for Hope Program.