Until No Child Has AIDS

Florence sitting with her two sons, Alex and KulaniMy name is Florence Ngobeni-Allen. I am a mother. I am HIV-positive.

In 1997, I unknowingly passed HIV onto my first child, my daughter, Nomthunzi. We found out we had the virus when we both became ill. Nomthunzi passed away when she was only five months old.

This was back in 1997, and at that time, there was little a mother living in Africa could do to save her child from AIDS.

Because of Jewelers for Children's support, soon there was hope for mothers like me. Services to prevent of mother-to-child transmission of HIV came to South Africa.

Finally we were able to give women the medications they needed to stay healthy and ensure they didn't pass the virus onto their babies. I became one of those mothers, and am now the very proud mother of two energetic and HIV-free sons, Alex and Kulani.

So on behalf of mother and babies everywhere, I am very pleased to tell my story and to say thank you to JFC. Because of people like you, we will create a world where no child has AIDS.

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