"Your talent is god's gift to you. What you do with it will be your gift to the god." these were the words that Make-A-Wish® India volunteer Tanya Kullar shared with 13-year-old Ishan during his very musically-minded wish day in Delhi.

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Om on his bike

Om, 5
acute lymphoblastic leukemia
I wish to have a bicycle

Om is a sweet and charismatic 5-year-old boy who loves to play with his friends. He has a heart of gold and always has a smile on his face. He is also facing the challenges of living with a life-threatening medical condition.

When Om was referred to Make-A-Wish India, the volunteer team met with Om to find out his one true wish. Om is very talkative, so it wasn't too hard! Om did not hesitate to let the volunteers know that what he wished for more than anything was a battery-operated bike. Om told the volunteers that he loves riding bikes, especially with his big brother, and that he really wanted a bike of his very own.

When Om's wish granters presented him with his new bike, he was ecstatic! Om was jumping up and down with happiness and could not stop smiling. Om promised his mom that he is going to use his new bike to help her get vegetables from the market - and that he will even let her take a ride!

Prem with his toys

Prem, 11
infective endocarditis
I wish to have new toys

Prem is a fun-loving kid who enjoys playing with toys and games. For Prem, it takes him to a place of happiness and joy, where he can forget all about his illness. Prem was so excited when his wish came true and Make-A-Wish India presented him with new toys, games, and musical instruments, so that he could have fun just being a kid!

Ishwari with her doll

Ishwari, 3
Critical congenital heart defect
I wish to have a doll with a kitchen set

Ishwari is a sweet, quiet young girl who is living with a life-threatening medical condition. It hasn't been easy for her, as she is so scared of the doctors and various medical treatments that she has to go through. But when Ishwari received her one true wish, her outlook completely changed! She told her volunteers that she promised not to be scared of the doctors anymore and was even excited to show them her new doll the next time that she went to the hospital.

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