Every day of Shore’s life has been filled with worry since she was diagnosed with a rapid form of cancer. Although she has responded positively to treatment, the joy of her childhood has been overshadowed by medical visits, stress and fear.

A Hawaii native, Shore had never seen snow — that is, until her wish was granted. After hearing stories from her friends who have played in the snow and seeing dazzling winter wonderlands in the movies, Shore knew that seeing snow was something she truly wished to experience with her family. So Make-A-Wish® sent Shore on a snowy adventure in Utah, where she was met with snowboarding lessons and tours of the famous Ice Castles.

Happiness filled the cold air around Shore and her family during her wish trip. Shore’s wish to see snow was an opportunity for her to leave her medical worries behind and enjoy being a kid in a winter climate. It was a chance for her to experience life beyond her illness.

Shore says the ski resort employees and snowboard instructors made her wish truly memorable, as they were loving and caring to her even though they had just met her. And her family now shares a new outlook — one that includes a desire to helps others in their hometown back in Hawaii. That’s because a wish gives children renewed energy and strength, brings families closer together and unites entire communities.

There are few experiences more powerful than making a wish come true.

To learn more about Make-A-Wish, visit wish.org.

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